Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight (Wii-WBFS)

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

KetoprakDL – The Wii version was developed by Eighting and uses a modified engine based on Kamen Rider: Climax Heroes for the PlayStation 2, which was also developed by Eighting. The two games use the same stages and music. Similarly, Dragon Knight and Onyx’s character models were recycled from Ryuki and Ryuga’s character models. Play mechanics for Dragon Knight, however, were changed significantly. The Rider Gauge (now Advent Gauge) does not charge and can only be filled by attacking the opponent without special attacks. Depending on how much the Advent Gauge is filled up, the player can perform special attacks by using an Advent Card, with the Final Vent being used when the gauge is full. The player can select any Advent Card before each fight. Contrary to the show, each Rider has access to the Advent Cards “Confine Vent,” and “Return Vent,” which- respectively- disable an opponent’s card and counteract the effects of Confine Vent. Each Rider is allowed to have Six Advent cards at once and while their advent beast is always available the others can only be used once per round. The regular advent and Final Vent are always in a player’s arsenal and cannot be removed.

Unlike the DS version, the player can only unlock both Dragon Knight and Wing Knight’s survive mode in “Mirror World” mode while the rest of the Riders have to be unlocked in Arcade Mode. Xaviax is only a non-playable boss in both Mirror World and Arcade Mode. If the game is played with Wrath, who is possessed by Xaviax, the player faces Dragon Knight in Mirror World and Onyx in Arcade mode.

Source : Wikipedia

Name:Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight
Genre:Action, Fighting
Publisher:D3 Publisher
Platform:Nintendo DS, Wii


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