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Need for Speed High Stakes
Need for Speed High Stakes

KetoprakDL Need for Speed: High Stakes, known as Need for Speed: Road Challenge in Europe and South America, is a 1999 racing video game released by EA for the PlayStation and Microsoft Windows.

The career system of this entry consists of two modes: “Tournament”, straightforward series of races with certain cars; and “Special Event”, similar to Tournament, but with various conditions such as with night driving or with a fully upgraded car. Completing races earns the player credits which are used to buy new cars for new events and to upgrade old cars to make events a little easier. Completing races also unlocks the tracks for single race purposes, and completing Tournament events unlocks the Special Event events. Beating all events of Tournament or Special Events will unlock one of two secret cars to purchase; the player also gets a free sample at the same time.

The PC version is somewhat different, starting with having everything under a clear “Career Mode”. All events are split into “tiers”, a selection of 1 to 5 individual competitions. Usually, one of those competitions is a “High Stakes” race, where the player bets their current car.

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Name:Need for Speed: High Stakes
Publisher:Electronic Arts
Platform:PlayStation, Microsoft Windows
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