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Pandora's Tower
Pandora's Tower

KetoprakDL Pandora’s Tower is an action role-playing game developed by Ganbarion for the Wii. The game released in May 2011 in Japan, April 2012 in PAL territories, and April 2013 in North America: while Xseed Games published the game in North America, Nintendo was the publisher in all other regions. Focusing on the efforts of protagonist Aeron to rid his love Elena of a curse that is turning her into a monster, the player explores thirteen towers, solving environmental puzzles and taking part in platforming while battling enemies—a key part of gameplay is the Oraclos Chain, a weapon that aids in both combat and navigation. Depending on the strength of Aeron’s relationship with Elena, multiple endings can be reached.

Development began in 2006 following the completion of Jump Ultimate Stars as Ganbarion’s first original title. The main concept was born from the desire to create a game scenario based around purification and love. Character numbers and plot twists were kept to a minimum to focus attention on Elena’s plight. Due to recurring problems implementing the relationship mechanics and working with the Wii’s controls, Pandora’s Tower went through an extended development period. Despite releasing in Europe, Nintendo did not plan a North American release: prior to the announcement of Xseed Games picking up the title, a fan campaign called Operation Rainfall drew considerable attention to the title. Upon release, Pandora’s Tower had modest commercial success and was met with mixed to positive reviews; praise went to the story and elements of combat, while the control scheme and graphics were faulted.

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Name:Pandora’s Tower
Genre:Action, RPG
Publisher:Nintendo, Xseed Games
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