Rayman 2 Revolution (USA) PlayStation 2 ISO

Rayman 2 Revolution
Rayman 2 Revolution

KetoprakDL – Fly rockets, ride whirlwinds and surf lava flows at a blazing 60 frames per second. Master Rayman’s amazing moves and battle vicious enemies across 54 massive levels in 21 lush worlds to save the universe from destruction.
The game centres on the invasion of the Glade of Dreams, the world where the game takes place, by robot pirates from outer space. To repair the damage to the world and defeat the invasion force, Rayman has to collect 1000 pieces (800 in the PlayStation and Game Boy Color versions) of the world’s core (called Lums) and reunite four magical masks which will awaken Polokus, the world’s spirit. Polokus has gone into hiding a long time ago, however as he is the creator of “all that is and will be,” he is the world’s last hope.

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Name:Rayman 2 Revolution
Genre:Action, Platformer
Platform:PlayStation 2
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