Star Fox Adventures (GameCube-ISO)

Star Fox Adventures
Star Fox Adventures

KetoprakDL – Star Fox Adventures is an action-adventure video game, developed by Rare and published by Nintendo. Originally intended for the Nintendo 64, Shigeru Miyamoto convinced Rare to redesign the game to be both a part of the Star Fox series and as a launch title for the GameCube. It was also the last game to list Hiroshi Yamauchi as executive producer prior to his stepping down from Nintendo in 2002. The game was released on September 23, 2002, and was the only game that Rare ever made for the GameCube, as well as the final game that Rare developed for a home Nintendo console before they were acquired by Microsoft to be a part of their Microsoft Windows and Xbox divisions the day after the game’s release in North America. The game’s story takes place eight years after the events of Star Fox 64, in which players take control of Fox McCloud who is sent on a mission to visit a planet in the Lylat System and save it from destruction.

The game received mostly positive reviews, notably on its detailed graphics, new character designs on characters including Fox, and its dynamic environments. However its Legend of Zelda-influenced gameplay received mixed feedback, while there were mixed reactions from critics and fans alike regarding Rare’s departure from Nintendo following the game’s release.

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Name:Star Fox Adventures
Genre:Action, Adventure


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