The Godfather: Mob Wars (USA) PSP ISO

The Godfather Mob Wars
The Godfather Mob Wars

KetoprakDL – The Godfather: Mob Wars is the PlayStation Portable (PSP) version of The Godfather: The Game.

Unlike its console counterparts, Mob Wars does not feature free-roaming environments. Instead, the game is restricted to a series of story missions involving Aldo Trapani.

However, Mob Wars includes a new turn-based strategy mode with the aim of controlling all of New York City by neutralizing the rival families, completed by issuing orders and executing them as real-time missions. The portable version of the game also lacks driving sections, even in the story missions, where driving segments are replaced with cutscenes.

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Name:The Godfather: Mob Wars
Genre:Action, Adventure
Publisher:Electronic Arts
Platform:PlayStation Portable
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